One Touch Videos

One click is all it takes. We at Mediamise know how frustrating it is to share and explain download and login details with every new client every time you need to video call. Mediamise’s revolutionary software enables video call participation with only one click. We value your time and hence our easy to use intuitive software is designed to simplify business.

Download and Record Videos

Analysis and review requires every advisor to get back to the information exchange. MediaMise software is equipped with data recording and storing facility for later access.

MediaMise backs up all calls so that no conversation is missed. All video data can bestored for future use.


24/7 IPV

Customers may visit you online at the time of their convenience, even beyond the office hours or even weekends. Organizations today, must be well equipped to serve whenever their customers try to reach.

With MediaMise, you can enable 24/7 availability of your IPV services so that customers can conduct their IPV at convenient time and do not need to wait for your working hours.

Compliance Friendly

All trading members and advisors are required to comply with certain guidelines laid down by the government. All regulations and byelaws are to be strictly adhered to.

MediaMise uses servers that are based in India. As an instance, for in-person-verification, we ensure that at every process leg is compliant and follows stringent rules when it comes to media communication.


Scheduled or Instant Meetings

Need to schedule a conference call with your client? Have an impromptu stock market update?

All you need to do is send an invite link through e-mail. Invitees simply click on the link and voila…they are live in a matter of seconds irrespective of where they are, or what device they are on!

MediaMise’snovel technology streamlines video conferencing management and cuts mission critical time delays for information exchange.All you need to focus on is your business!

Personalisation & Integration

Integrate set tools such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Salesforce and Office 365 as per your requirement with Mediamise.

The software is non-technical in design and is easily understood by first time video conferencing users as well. It is infinitely simple to add members, schedule a meeting, make a chat and attendee list or monitor conversations.


Superior Call Quality

When it comes to video communication, he first apprehension is the quality. Since there are a multitude of video conferencing software out in the market, it becomes daunting to select the best. Many of these offer great rates but no promise is given on the quality.

MediaMise does not believe in getting a product out without making sure it is quality tested. The BFSI sector does not have too much levy for error correction and hen the end product has to be robust in quality. Ready with the best technology, with one of the best programmers, MediaMise offers no time lag, excellent up time, crystal clear, best in class, audio video connectivity.

Cost Effective

ompared to in person conferencing and traditional video calling software, Mediamise video conferencing solutions are a best match for start-ups, mid-sized and large corporate/companies. Mediamise offers a whole host of neoteric solutions all at competitive rates.


Security & Safety

At Mediamise, we place privacy, safety, reliability and information security at the very top of our list. We understand your need for confidentiality and hence we provide bank level encryption for all subscribers.

Better Band widths, Better Connections

One of the key factors for success in a video call is its reception, bandwidth and connection quality. Mediamise ensures quick, simple, instantaneous, continuous connections with its futuristic leading edge technology.